Thursday, 9 October 2014

Mini Autumn Accessories Haul

Yesterday was the first day I could truly tell it was Autumn. After a downpour of rain, something England hasn't had in a while surprisingly, I was walking home through some leaves and for the first time this year that Autumnal smell hit me. You know the one, that recently wet leaves smell mixed with horse chestnuts and the scent of rain (I wish someone in England would bundle it up into a candle already!) Anyway, I've been shopping a little bit recently to update my wardrobe for the new season. This is part one of my shopping spree and it's dedicated to accessories (Part 2 is going to be an Autumn fashion haul but as a newbie blogger I really didn't realise how hard it is to photograph clothes! Hopefully that post will be on the way soon...)

I've seen so many different versions of the tartan/dogstooth scarf in various stores lately and, even though I don't like to have that item that everybody seems to be wearing, I couldn't resist buying this scarf from New Look. I've always had a tartan scarf in my wardrobe but this reversible one adds a little bit of excitement to my collection! I know Primark make a cheaper version (I think it's about £6?) but I fell in love with the texture and the colours of this one from New Look. My camera isn't the best but hopefully you can spot the green and blue within the dogstooth print which I think adds a softness to the design. New Look also have a plain black dogstooth version of this scarf which you can find here if you're into more classic colours. I couldn't contain my excitement when it was finally cold enough to wear this yesterday and this one is oversized too so I was really cosy!

Two Skinny Belts - Primark (in stores) £2 
Belts tend not to be the most exciting accessory in the world but as the temperature drops and the weather gets more unpleasant I find myself wearing jeans a lot. I love wearing cropped jumpers with my jeans and adding a belt makes the outfit look a little bit more put together. For once I actually love both of the belts in this twin set from Primark and I simply can't pick a favourite! The Aztec print and dark, berry-like colour scheme is perfect for Autumn and the cream cut-out design on the other belt reminds me of snowflakes and winter time which makes me really excited for Christmas (it's not too early to be excited yet is it?!) The design of the buckle is also really cute and the belts are really cheap at only £1 each!

Black Duo Zip Bag - Primark £6
I was in need of a little handbag to take with me in the evenings and even though Primark had so many lovely designs in store at the moment I found most of them to be too boxy and bulky. I mainly picked up this bag for its softness and flexibility! It feels quite expensive and it's also quite spacious as it has two compartments. I like the simple, classic design of this bag and the gold detailing. The only annoying thing is that the zips seem to get stuck quite often - I'm not sure if this is a design fault or I might have just picked up a faulty bag!

What are your favourite accessories this Autumn?
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