Thursday, 1 January 2015

Empties #1

Happy New Year everyone!

2014 is finally over and one of my favourite ways to get prepared for the New Year is to organise the things around me. After rummaging around in my bathroom and in make-up draw the other week I discovered that I had so many products lying around that were three or four uses away from being finished. I have to admit, when I know a product is running out I'm always excited to buy a replacement and I usually get so impatient to try something new I end up leaving so many products almost empty! So, just before Christmas I set myself the task of finishing said products in time for the New Year and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to create my first ever Empties post.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash - £6.50
I've been a huge fan of the original Soap & Glory scent for years now but after receiving the Sugar Crush exfoliator last Christmas I can't get enough of this zesty scent. This body wash is the perfect pick me up for when you're feeling sluggish and half asleep in the morning (which, let's face it, is every single morning if you're anything like me) and the combination of lime, lemon, kiwi, vanilla and coconut works wonderfully. It's also quite moisturising and after I've used up my current body wash I'll definitely be purchasing this again!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream - £11
My holy grail moisturiser! I can't live without this and I'm mentally making a note to pop down to The Body Shop today to pick up another one. My skin loves this stuff and it sinks into the skin so quickly.

Garnier Skin Perfector Oil Free BB Cream - £9.99
I mentioned this BB Cream all the way back in my July Favourites and the tube pictured above is actually my second one! It was the perfect, lightweight coverage for the warmer months and I used this religiously all summer but, as my tan slowly faded, it became too dark for my skin. I'm quite pale and even with a tan I had to use the lightest shade so I won't be purchasing this BB Cream again until next summer.

Bio-Oil 60ml - £8.99
Okay, so there's a tiny bit of Bio-Oil left but you need to use this so sparingly it's actually impossible to finish! I use this on any scarring I have from injuries/operations etc. and I also add a few drops to my bath to moisturise my skin. It also helps to get rid of scars from ingrown hairs so I often put a few drops on my legs after I shower! This product is a real multitasker and I always have a bottle in my cupboard just in case (it's currently being used to help get rid of a burn that I have on my hand from my curlers, ouch!)

Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry 200ml - £2.99
Who doesn't use Batiste? It's not the nicest of dry shampoos I've ever used but it always gets the job done. I usually pick up the Tropical scent but I thought I'd try the Cherry this time and it actually smells quite nice! The packaging is pretty cute too!

Burt's Bees Rejuvenating Acai Berry Lip Balm - £3.69
I always have a Burt's Bees lip balm in my bag as they provide my lips with enough moisture to battle the harsh winter weather. The Acai Berry was quite a nice scent but I still love the Coconut and Pear one more.

Benefit They're Real (sample from Birchbox) - Full Size £19.50
I was never really impressed with Benefit's Bad Gal mascara so I was reluctant to splash out on They're Real when it was launched. I received this sample (which surprisingly lasted quite a long time) in a Birchbox a few months ago and I have to agree with everyone else: this mascara is amazing! The only problem, for me, is the price tag. It is pretty pricey at £19.50 and I still think the Volume 1 Seconde mascara from Bourgois might be better!

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