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Getting READY with bareMinerals!
(Bronzer, Touch Up Veil & Luminizer Review)

If you know me in 'real' life then my love for bare Minerals won't come as a surprise to you. I've been wearing their Original SPF15 Foundation for over 5 years now and their foundation is probably my most repurchased make-up product of all time. Due the foundation's holy grail status, bareMinerals has become one of my favourite brands. I've tried out a lot of their loose powdered products, from eye shadows to blushes, and I've even picked up a few of their brushes along the way but I've never really explored their READY range. After declaring my love for the brand in a way that just sounded a lot like a teenage love letter, I suppose you can now imagine my sheer excitement when a lovely lady named Ally from bareMinerals contacted me and sent me the above products to review. As always, my honest and unbiased opinion is given but, after testing the products out for the past week, I have to say that my love for the brand is still unfaltering.

 I suppose you could say you had me at 'Hello' bareMinerals... (sorry - I had to!

As a big fan of Mineral Veil, I was really excited to test out the READY Touch Up Veil. Like Mineral Veil, Touch Up Veil is a finishing powder that helps control shine and leave the face looking flawless by smoothing out lines and diffusing the look of imperfections. It almost has an airbrush effect and when you touch your skin after application it's left feeling soft and silky! I do, however, think there is a misconception with the product and the expectations about it simply being a compressed version of Mineral Veil. I can't speak for the Translucent shade but I think Touch Up Veil does more than Mineral Veil does - as well being a great finishing powder it also provides a little bit of coverage! I think Touch Up Veil would be beautiful to use alone in the summer for a hint of coverage and colour. (bonus - it contains SPF 15!) The formulation is probably one of my favourite things about the product, the powder is so fine it builds up upon the skin easily and never becomes cakey which is something I often find happening when I try to apply powders during the day. I also love the packaging, its sturdy as well as chic and I love the big mirror. I'm a big fan of this product and it's tempting me to test out the READY Foundation too!

The product is currently available in 4 shades - Translucent, Light, Medium and Tan. I wear Fairly Light in bareMinerals foundation so when I received the Medium shade I was slightly worried that it would be too dark for my skin. However, it's a perfect match as the product itself is quite sheer and I'd honestly say Medium would work for a large range of light to medium skin tones. The Light shade is only a tiny bit darker than Translucent so unless you're really fair I'd advise you to swatch them both in store (I may have spent a lot of time there this weekend!)

Quite accurately named The Deep End, this is the darkest shade of the bareMinerals READY bronzer collection and when I first looked at it in the compact myself and my pale skin quivered a little. As a long time wearer of Warmth (an amazing bareMinerals product everyone has to try!),I've learnt to use bronzer sparingly but The Deep End, as daunting as it may be in the compact, isn't as dramatic or pigmented as Warmth and it really compliments my skin tone. When applied with a light hand this bronzer leaves a gorgeous, golden bronzed glow without looking dull or orange and it lasts throughout the entire day! It may be the darkest bronzer in my collection but it's actually the most natural shade - The Deep End avoids the orange tinge and provides a sun kissed tint to the skin whilst adding definition to my face. 

The formulation feels very similar to the Touch Up Veil - smooth, silky and quite sheer in comparison to the colour in the compact (but it's not really light due to it being the darkest shade!). I think it's this sheerness that makes me adore The Deep End, I can use the tiniest amount to achieve a lightly bronzed look during the winter and the product will follow me into the summer months and still cater for my bronzing and contouring needs. If you're not feeling as brave, the READY Bronzer also comes in two lighter shades - The Skinny Dip and The High Dive (how adorable are the names?!)

Right - The Love Affair | Left - The Shining Moment

It's okay to fall head over heels in love with a beauty product? Thanks to the Luminizer Duo my boyfriend now has serious competition over who, or what, owns my heart (I'm kidding Dan - I love you really!) 

The READY Luminizer Duo in The Love Affair and The Shining Moment is so silky it almost feels like a cream product and the soft, finely milled powder applies so beautifully it adds a healthy, glowing from within look to any complexon. I've always been a huge fan of anything that can provide my skin with a youthful, subtle glow and this product is everything I've been looking for. It's a pigmented product without being too overwhelming and it gives my everyday make-up that little something it has been missing. There's no glitter or shimmery chunks to be found here - just a gorgeous illuminating sheen.

The left side is 'The Love Affair', a dusty rose gold, which I sometimes use instead of wearing a blush on days when I'm seeking a tiny bit of colour. The right side is 'The Shining Moment', a warm golden shade that is a bit more dramatic and pigmented than The Love Affair. Each illuminating powder can be worn separately or you can blend them together (I sweep my brush across in an 'S' shape) which is my favourite way of wearing the product! The READY Luminizer Duo is such a pretty product to have in your make-up collection; it's candlelight in a compact!

Have you tried any of the READY collection by bareMinerals? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S - If you were wondering what I use to apply the Touch Up Veil on the go I use this cute retractable Precision Face brush* which fits in my travel make-up bag! (it's also reaaaally soft) For Bronzer and Luminizer I use a fan brush which allows me to apply a small amount of product onto my face and slowly build up colour! 


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