Thursday, 19 February 2015

Scarlett Of Soho

One thing I always remember from my childhood is visiting the opticians with my mum and spending hours watching her try frames on. It wasn't all bad, I did get to play dress up too after all, but there was nothing more frustrating than my mum complaining after a month or two that she didn't like her glasses any more. And it happened every single time. When Rob contacted me about Scarlett of Soho, a subscription service for eyewear, I immediately thought of how perfect this service would be for my mum and anyone else who has the urge to switch up their eyewear every few months!

Scarlett of Soho offer an amazing free 'home try-ons' scheme where you select four of the gorgeous, vintage frames from their catalog and they are shipped directly to your door for free. The frames are yours for 7 days so you have plenty of time to find your favourite and discover which frames really compliment your style. As I don't currently need glasses myself (although I know one day I will end up needed them as my entire family have to wear glasses and one of my eyes in getting weaker uh oh), I ended up selecting two pairs of sunglasses alongside my chosen glasses frames.

Here are my very diva-esque selfies! 

The frames themselves are made from premium aged Italian acetate and, as well as looking chic and stylish, the quality is excellent. They appear to be sturdy and durable whilst feeling really light and comfortable on the face. I love each and every frame I picked out, even though at first glance I thought I really wouldn't suit the Hemingway, and I'm actually rather gutted I don't need to wear glasses! I think my favourite has to be Ive in Chestnut Horn or the Hemingway in Translucent Olive. I'd love to know which look is your favourite!

After you've picked your favourite pair, you simply have to seal the box with the stickers provided and pop the glasses into your nearest post box (return postage is prepaid!) Then, all you have to do is head over to the catalog and select your frames with your prescription lenses! Scarlett of Soho currently offer three subscription plans for you to choose from:

The Staple - £10 a month where you can change your frames once a year (2 pairs)
The Seasonal  - £15 a month where you can change your frames three times a year (4 pairs)
The Trendsetter - £25 a month where you can change your frames an unlimited amount of times a year!

If you're currently living in London (lucky you!) Scarlett of Soho actually have two events coming up in the next month where you can view the entire range of glasses and get to meet the people behind the brand! The information for the two events is listed below:

Location: Old Street/Shoreditch
Date: February 23rd - March 8th 2015
Old Street tube station pop up store - Stand: UNIT 2B
More Information here

Location: Islington, London
Date: March 18th-22nd 2015

I love the concept, flexibility and style of Scarlett of Soho and I just have to point out how adorable the packaging of the Home Try On kit is! Attention to the little details always makes me smile! I'd love to know what you all think about the service and, if you love any of the frames on the site, you can use my code: BEAUTYB2015 on the Scarlett of Soho website to receive a month's free subscription! 

* The Home Try On Kit is a free service but I have kindly been gifted my favourite pair from Rob at Scarlett of Soho.

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