Sunday, 15 February 2015

Topshop Haul

Apart from the odd sale purchase and buying a new top for New Year's Eve, I haven't bought many pieces of clothing lately. I did, however, find myself in Topshop about two weeks ago - alone which is always dangerous when there's nobody to stop you from buying absolutely everything - and I picked up a skirt, a lace bralet and an embroidered blouse. I've been loving monochrome and experimenting with textures lately so when I spotted these three items I just couldn't leave the store without them!

P.S. - please excuse my terrible photography. It appears that clothes do not like to be photographed on flat surfaces - who knew? There was nobody around to take a photo of me actually wearing the items so this was the only alternative!

When I picked this up I wasn't aware that 'pelmet' apparently means a micro-mini skirt! Although this skirt is definitely quite short I wouldn't consider it to be any shorter than some of my other mini skirts so don't be too put off by the name. I've been wanting a white skirt for quite some time now - I just couldn't find the perfect one last summer - and I love this combination of the basketweave texture and the curved contrast panels. The skirt also features a thin slip underneath to avoid that see-through look and I adore the silhouette it creates. I purchased it to wear with the lace bralet below but I've even been wearing this during the day with tights, my Levi boots and a cute navy jumper! There's just something about white in winter I'm loving at the moment!

 Topshop Tall Deco Lace Bralet in Black - £25 (Only avaliable in white online!)

It was the lovely patterned lace detailing on this bralet that initially caught my eye and it was the neckline and delicate features that sold it too me. I've been a fan of the lace bralet for quite some time but I've never felt comfortable wearing the usual, plunging V-neckline. I love the straight neck on the bralet and how pretty the lace at the top and bottom of the bralet looks on the skin. For now I can only see myself wearing this in the evening but I can't wait for summer when I can pair it with a pleated chiffon skirt and some cute sandals. I adore how elegant and minimal the straps are and I might have to pick up the white version as well before it goes out of stock!

This embroidered, sheer blouse reminds me so much of Free People and I've always been a fan of the effortless bohemian look. I've wanted a floaty, lightweight blouse like this for years now and my photograph really doesn't show how pretty this top looks when it's on! The embroidered patterns are so lovely and even though it is quite sheer I usually just wear this with a nude or black bra. For now, I pair this with my Topshop Leigh jeans but I can't wait to team it with some shorts in the summer time (I guess I'm just really excited for the hot weather!)

Have you purchased anything from Topshop lately? 

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