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Review | bareMinerals Pure Transformation Day Treatment

bareMinerals Pure Transformation Day Treatment -£45
For those of you who live in the UK I'm sure you've heard about this month's incredible Cohorted beauty box. All of the products featured in the box looked amazing but it was the bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night treatment that caught my eye and made me immediately rush over to the site to see if, somehow, there was one left in stock. Sadly, not all of us were lucky enough to get our hands on the box (*sob*, I'm still not over it) but I was lucky enough to be sent the bareMinerals Pure Transformation Day Treatment* by the lovely Ally at bareMinerals at the start of the month to try out. I thought this would be the perfect time to share my thoughts about it with you all as I've noticed, after sobbing my way through many Cohorted reviews in jealously, that a few bloggers seem apprehensive about the idea of a powdered evening skin treatment. So, if applying a mineral powder treatment at night isn't your thing (or if you love it so much you simply need to add more of this magical treatment to your face) then the bareMinerals Pure Transformation Day Treatment* might be right up your street!

When I received the Day Treatment in the post I'd honestly never heard anything about it. I remember when the Night Treatment was first released and the YouTube community went crazy for it but nothing was ever mentioned about the Day version. Excited and intrigued I immediately popped over to Google to find some blog reviews but I really struggled to find any at all - it seems it has been outshone by its more famous sister. I thought the best way to describe the treatment was to quote the bareMinerals website as they explain it much more effectively than I ever could:
'bareMinerals advanced daytime mineral treatment with SPF 20 helps protect skin from sun damage and reduces the appearance of pores while improving luminosity. Contains moisture minerals to keep skin hydrated and targets signs of aging with ActiveSoil Complex, proven to increase cell turnover and provide antioxidant defense.'
After wearing this for almost a month I have to say that it's definitely a neglected gem of the beauty world! Not only does it contain SPF whilst keeping the skin hydrated throughout the day it also creates this natural radiance that I was actually astounded by and, for me, is definitely the best element of the product! It creates such a healthy, glowing from within complexion that you just can't achieve with highlighters.

How to Apply
The bareMinerals Pure Transformation Day Treatment is the last step in your morning skincare routine before you begin applying your makeup. It's tinted so it provides a sheer tint of colour that's easily buildable to achieve a light/medium coverage. The product is available in 4 shades (Fair, Light, Medium and Tan) and I'm currently using the shade Light which is just a tiny bit too dark for me thanks to my pasty, in desperate need of a holiday skin. On my good skin days I've been wearing this alone with just a tiny bit of concealer and when I need a bit more coverage I just dust a little bit of my foundation over the top (and the luminosity is still visible!) The kabuki, as with all the bareMinerals brushes I've used, is so soft and distributes the product evenly but I do wish the treatment was available to buy separately as it looks like this brush will last for such a long time!

Improvements in the Skin
As I'm lucky enough not to suffer from large pores I can't comment thoroughly on how well this treatment works in reducing them. The only area where my pores are (or should I say were) noticeable is on my nose. Immediately I noticed the treatment covered them wonderfully but after a week or so I realised they were actually getting smaller and now I think they're hardly visible. I'd love to see how well this product worked on somebody with larger pores but from the results I've seen on myself it gets a big thumbs up from me! The dry skin I often suffer from around my nose has also cleared up and I've noticed a transformation in the general appearance of my skin. After a few weeks I've found my skin looks healthier, vibrant and more even in skin tone.

The Pure Transformation Day Treatment contains 6g of product and retails for £45. It is expensive but as a multi-purpose product I honestly think it's worth the price (which is something I never expected myself to say when I discovered how much this cost!) I've found that I'm wearing less and less foundation every day when I use this and I'm beginning to feel much more comfortable and happy in my own skin. For a product that gives me so much more confidence and an amazing glow I think it's definitely worth paying a little bit extra for and I'm dying to get my hands on the Night Treatment.

Have you tried any of the bareMinerals Skincare range?
Let me know what you think of the Day (or Night) Treatment in the comments below! 

*contains a PR sample

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