Sunday, 19 April 2015

My Little Box | My Little Dream Box (April 2015)

When this little package from overseas landed on my doorstep a couple of days ago I couldn't contain my excitement, the delivery of My Little Box is quickly becoming the highlight of my month. This month's theme was the Dream Box and it has to be the most beautiful subscription box I've ever received - just look at the illustration on the front of box! Kanako is one amazing artist and I've definitely started keeping all the little illustrations in the box for my room. 
Similar to last month, I received 3 beauty products in the Dream Box. The first was a My Little Beauty Nourishing Hair Mask (£7) which I used this morning and it smells divine! It's left my hair feeling so soft, it looks incredibly healthy and shiny and it also looks adorable in my shower (which is obviously very important!) so the product gets a big thumbs up from me! The second product was a Tinted Lip Balm from Loved by Lou Lesage (£8) and as I love red lips I was really excited to receive this. It looks very opaque in the pot but this is actually quite sheer and a great product to add just a hint of colour. It has a gel-like consistency and although it doesn't feel that nourishing it's a nice little product to pop in your handbag! 

The final beauty product varies between individual boxes and, sadly, I really had my heart set on receiving one of the perfume sticks from Sabe Masson. With a £20 value it was definitely the star beauty product in my eyes - the packaging was absolutely gorgeous and the idea of a perfume stick sounds so handy for travelling! It's quite hard to find here in the UK which is such a shame as I'd really love to try it. The product I received, however, is still lovely and I suppose that disappointment has to be expected when you take the risk and subscribe to a beauty box! I received the Cowshed Wild Cow 100ml Body Lotion (£6 for this size) and Wild Cow is a refreshing and invigorating mix of lemongrass, ginger and rosemary. It's unlike any other scent I own and it's definitely growing on me so there's always a silver lining to every disappointment! 
My Little Dream Box
Cutting open the adorable foam cloud was heartbreaking but the surprise inside was definitely worth it! It contained this pretty Bonne Etoile necklace by jewellery designer Delphine Pariente (£20). Personally, I like wearing this as a bracelet but I can also see myself putting the pendant on my own gold chain when the thread becomes old and worn! Every month My Little Box manage to include such thoughtful and unique lifestyle pieces and I know this is something I'll always treasure. necklace 
The final lifestyle item is a rotable stamp and ink pad and the inner stationary addict inside of me squealed when I used this (yes, I was that girl in primary school with every scented gel pen!) The stamp includes some lovely phrases in French and English, a cute To Do sign and cute symbols and numbers. It's great for stamping on notes and on the back of envelopes and I might even find some way to use this in my blog photography!

What do you think of this month's My Little Box?
Also, let me know what you've been dreaming of in the comments below! (I'm currently dreaming about visiting Croatia!) 

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