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Michael Kors Beauty

Michael Kors is a brand I've always loved from afar but one I've never been able to afford. I remember constantly popping into the store in Leeds when I was a student to admire their handbags which have a permanent place on my 'when I'm rich' shopping list. Whilst I'm hopeful that one day I'll be the owner of a Michael Kors bag (ideally from their new Dusty Neutrals collection as it's absolutely beautiful) for the time being I have to find my little bit of luxury elsewhere. Designer beauty ranges are usually where I turn to if I want to treat myself or a loved one and when I was kindly introduced to Michael Kors White Fragrance* and the Indulgent Body Crème* the MK beauty range did not disappoint. It is as luxurious and elegant as I had always imagined it to be and the packaging... oh the packaging! I'm completely obsessed with how they look on my dressing table!
The Michael Kors White Eau De Parfum is rather different from any other perfume that I currently own. Best described as a musky white floral it definitely stands out amidst my collection of fresh, fruity fragrances. With top notes of freesia and ylang ylang the first sniff of MK's White brings to mind the freshness of dewy grass just after the rain. It's fresh but strangely comforting at the same time. The white florals make up the middle notes which dominate the perfume and the combination of the top notes with gardenia and peony create a very delicate, floral scent. Tuberose and jasmine closely follow and add a depth to the fragrance. It transforms into a richer, warmer scent that adds an unmistakable element of sophistication, femininity and even a hint of sexiness. The base notes enhance this richness and white musk is definitely the most prominent undertone of the scent. You can detect the musk almost immediately but it develops into a softer, creamier scent after a few hours, bringing out hints of vanilla, amber and cedar. 

As an Eau De Parfum Michael Kors' White is understandably a very strong fragrance but I find that this particular scent lingers upon skin  much longer than many of my others. There's nothing I hate more than when you are unable to detect a perfume as soon as you leave the room in which it was sprayed in! I know for some people lighter fragrances are more desirable — those kinds of fragrances that you can't smell yourself but others can — but for me, personally, if I love a scent and pay a lot of money for it I want to be able to smell it during the day. Longevity is something White has absolutely mastered but I do find I have to be careful with how many sprays I use of this. As I'm used to lighter scents when I first applied White I used the same amount of perfume as I normally do and added two sprays to each arm, one on my neck and another just generally over my outfit. And, I have to admit, I started to get a headache after a couple of minutes as it was so overpowering and fragrant. Now, after learning from my mistake I've found that I only need two sprays of White to last all day! Which is an added bonus to me as it means I'll get so much use out of one bottle!

Speaking of the bottle, I absolutely adore the chic, minimalistic combination of white and metallic. It looks lovely whilst also being sturdy and easy to travel with, especially the 30ml size! White is a fragrance I find myself reaching for on the evenings for the time being but as soon as Autumn arrives (and let's face it, in the UK it's almost here already!) I think it will become one of my most reached for fragrances. 
Possibly the prettiest product in my beauty collection right now, the Indulgent Body Creme just screams glamour and luxury from the second you look at it. The weighted glass jar and the gold encased lid engraved with the Michael Kors logo are made beautifully and you can begin to see why this body cream costs as much as it does! I gulped a little too when I found out the price and wondered if any lotion could ever live up to my expectations when priced at £42.  But I unscrewed the lid with an open mind and I'm so happy to tell you how delighted I am with the product inside.

Although the Indulgent Body Creme is designed to be a base for the Michael Kors fragrances in the Sporty, Sexy and Glam collections it is a truly lovely product in its own right. Applied before White, for example, the body creme is designed as a foundation for the scent to enhance its longevity and to add a little something extra to the fragrance. I actually really love how White and this Body Creme smell together (even though I think White needs no help staying power) and with notes of orange flower, mandarin, cassis, jasmine, patchouli and sandalwood it shares many similar notes with the MK fragrances. The added orange flower and mandarin freshen up the scent and with a hint of fruitiness it lightens up the heavier, floral notes and strength of patchouli when rubbed into the skin.

The body lotion is rather thick in consistency but easily spread across the body and I find a little really does go a long way. The creamy texture feels lovely on the skin and despite the richness of the cream it is absorbed into the skin quickly without leaving a greasy film behind. In fact, my skin has never felt so soft and silky and it even managed to tackle a horrible, stubborn dry patch on the edge of my foot (thanks for that sandals...) I'm thrilled that the product has actually lived up to its price tag and if you're in the market for a luxurious body cream Michael Kors is certainly a good place to start! I think I'll be saving this for special occasions and pampering evenings but I'm completely smitten with it! 

Have you ever tried anything from the Michael Kors beauty range? I've had such a positive first experience I'd love to try more so please feel free to leave any recommendations below! 

*Items were kindly gifted by Debenhams, but all love for MK is entirely my own! 

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