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Soufeel Charm Bracelet

Soufeel Charms
I was looking through my jewellery box a couple of months ago and I discovered my old Pandora collection. I used to adore collecting charms when I was younger and stumbling across them made me realise how much I still loved the style and concept. I was desperate to start updating and maturing my collection considering 15 year old me obviously thought the right thing to do was to buy every bloody animal charm imaginable (seriously, I have the tortoise, cat, horse, bear, hedgehog... need I go on?) My only problem? Pandora is so unbelievably expensive these days and to be perfectly honest with you there are other things in life I'd rather spend £40+ on (I'm looking at you Jo Malone!) So I decided to hunt for cheaper alternatives and funnily enough a few weeks later an email appeared in my inbox from Soufeel who kindly offered to send over a bracelet and 5 charms for  me to review. The universe can act is such mysterious, freaky ways sometimes but I'm definitely not complaining!

Soufeel are a company based in Hong Kong but they ship all over the world and provide free shipping over £39 and a 365 day returns policy. They seem to always have a sale on and they have really great discounted items too so I found their prices to be really reasonable. I was quite impressed to learn that their charms are 925 Sterling Silver (exactly like Pandora!) and they used Swarovski crystals in their jewellery too. This being said I was still a bit wary and unsure what to expect when my bracelet arrived. I was, after all, once a huge Pandora snob but in all honesty I was truly surprised and really impressed when my Soufeel jewellery landed on my doorstep. So much so that I'm actually considering putting in another order next month! 
Soufeel Charms
Onto the charms! When I started narrowing down my choices I didn't really have a theme in mind but my finished result has a kind of beachy vibe to it...with a random Eiffel Tower stuck in for good measure! Paris obsessed I couldn't resist the Eiffel Tower charmand it reminds me of the wonderful time I had in the city last Christmas (which I actually blogged about here if you were interested!) The thing I was concerned about when I picked this charm was the colour of the silver itself. I was hoping for a bright, shiny silver and not a darker, dull colour and I was so happy when it was exactly as pictured and what I was imagining it to be. Next up is my little Starfish charm*! I know I was trying to stray away from the whole animal charm theme but I could not resist this cute little guy. The crystals really sparkle in the light and I love the pop of colour it adds to the bracelet. My Equinox Flower Murano Glass Charmis probably my favourite of the 5 and I can't quite capture in a photograph how beautiful this is. As you move your wrist the colours change from purple to an almost red/pink colour then to orange and it's literally like there's a sunset captured inside the glass. The Pearl Pendant Charmis a piece I thought would actually look beautiful in so many situations: on a necklace, with a group or even alone on a bracelet. My final charm, which I can't seem to find on the website anymore, is my Silver Crystal Charm*. To complete the overall look I wanted to add more silver and an extra bit of sparkle is always a bonus.

For the bracelet I opted for the Double Silver Grey Leather charm bracelet which seems to be out of stock at the moment but the Single version can be found here. In retrospect I actually wish I'd picked up the single version as the double one that I picked out is a little bit too big for me. Considering I have tiny wrists (I wear the smallest Pandora size) this was my own fault but as far as quality goes I'm really impressed with this. The colour is lovely and the quality of the leather is identical to my Pandora one and the clasp is really secure. I think it looks wonderful with the 5 charms and I can't fault it or Soufeel as a company in any way really!

Eiffel Tower Charm: £16 |Starfish Charm: £20 |Murano Glass Charm: £20 |Pearl Charm: £20
If I was ordering from Soufeel myself for the first time one thing that would definitely worry me would be shipping/handling and how the items are packaged. I didn't exactly keep track of how quickly my order arrived but I know it was just over the week mark. My items arrived safely and were secured in a box lined with bubblewrap and the items themselves were contained inside a bubblewrap protective envelope (the yellow parcel in the photo above!) Each charm was packaged individually inside a lovely lined Soufeel box with the prettiest blue ribbon and they even included a gift bag just in case! 
Soufeel jewellery
With their 365 day returns policy, cheap prices and lovely packaging I have to say I'm truly impressed with Soufeel as a company. What do you all think of their jewellery and the pieces I picked out? 

If you'd like to shop at Soufeel I also have a coupon code for my readers which entitles you to 5% off any order. Simply enter BLOG5 at the checkout and you're good to go!
* This post contains a PR Sample that was gifted for review however I am not sponsored by Soufeel and no affiliate links have been used! 

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