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Lush | Love Lettuce Face Mask

Fresh Face Mask 

I've went from being completely new to world of Lush Fresh Face Masks to being utterly smitten with them in the time it takes to use up of one tub of Love Lettuce. After spending a good ten minutes or so 'umming' and 'ahhing' in the Newcastle store a little while ago I finally settled on Love Lettuce as my first face mask and I couldn't be happier with my choice. Seeking something that could calm down my oily skin and give me a brighter complexion Love Lettuce seemed to be the perfect fit. Targeted as an 'effective, exfoliating face mask' for normal to oily skin this mask promises to balance skin and provide a radiant glow with the help of ingredients such as Lavender Oil and Fullers Earth and I have to admit, it does do an amazing job.

The Lavender Oil in Love Lettuce targets oil in the skin and aims to reduce sebum production whilst calming the appearance of any redness. Sometimes I apply a very light layer of this mask to quickly balance out my skin if I'm having a particularly oily day and it's the perfect pick me up! Love Lettuce also contains Kaolin Clay and Fullers Earth to absorb oil and deeply cleanse and I adore the way the two types of clay dry on the skin and have a tightening effect. It definitely makes you feel like some serious cleansing is happening. To prevent the skin from drying out the clever people at Lush also added Honey, one of my favourite natural ingredients, and Almond Oil to Love Lettuce so even after all that exfoliating (thanks to the Ground Almond Shells) my skin still remains hydrated.
Fresh Face Mask 
Okay, so maybe Love Lettuce isn't the most attractive face mask out there! 
No other beauty product makes me feel as pampered as a face mask and after wearing Love Lettuce for 10 minutes (or maybe 20 if I'm taking a relaxing bath!) I honestly feel like I have brand new skin. I apply this onto freshly cleansed skin and remove with warm water, scrubbing in circular motions to fully feel the exfoliating effect of the ground almond shells. Love Lettuce does, however, provide a rather intense exfoliation as the almond shells are quite hard so if you have sensitive skin I'd be careful when you're scrubbing! My T-Zone feels balanced and my entire face feels ridiculously soft and my skin certainly looks much more radiant for days afterward.

Due to the fresh ingredients in Lush's Fresh Face Masks you do need to keep them in the fridge and they apparently expire after approximately 3-4 weeks. Honestly though, I was using mine after my recommended expiration date (found on the back of the tub) and I had no issues. These dates are just estimations after all. As long as it looks and smells the same and there's no pesky mold to be found (gross - I know) I usually continue to use it until I've finished the pot. I managed to get 10 face masks out of Love Lettuce - some masks were applied rather thickly and others thinly -  so when you do the math it's pretty good value for money. For 75g each Lush Fresh Face Mask costs £6.75 and when you break it down 68p per application really isn't bad at all!

I adore Love Lettuce. I really think I might have picked the perfect Lush Face Mask for my skin first time around but of course I'm addicted now and I can't wait to try more. I'm thinking about picking up another pot Love Lettuce because I can't imagine life without it now as well as a mask without exfoliating properties so I can alternate between the two. I have my eye on Cranberry (simply because it's nearly Christmas!) and Ayesha - a mask with honey, asparagus and kiwi!

Do you have a favourite Lush Face Mask? 
I'd love to hear your recommendations! 

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