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November Favourites 2015

Originally, this post started out as a rather belated birthday beauty haul but as time went on and my love for each gift grew stronger it seemed a little more appropriate to turn this post into my November Favourites instead. So, what was once a very late birthday post has now turned into a perfectly timed monthly favourites. How convenient! My makeup dreams basically came true on my 22nd birthday and it's safe to say that all of my friends and family seem to know that I'm a complete beauty addict now. I'm still overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of my nearest and dearest and I'm not ashamed to admit that I actually still squeal every time I reach for my Chanel (yes - Chanel!) Lipstick and Hourglass Blush.  To be honest, throughout November I really do feel like I've been living in a Beauty Blogger's heaven. 

My beautiful friend and fellow blogger Julie-Ann from Our Dreams of Fashion picked this up for me when she went to New York (alongside 2 other products in this post, she seriously spoils me!) and I've hardly worn another blush since I've had this. The hype it receives is well and truly deserved and I fear she may have started me off on a Hourglass addiction. The blush itself has a stunning pink-tinged coral shade marbled across the champagne Luminous Light powder and my face just glows when I wear this. The staying power is so impressive and if that's not enough to fall in love with then just look at that packaging!

A long time favourite of mine from Lush is up next and since they've reformulated the Rose Jam Bubbleroon I just cannot stop buying this. The one pictured above is long gone but I already have 2 backups in my room waiting to be used. This smells exactly like the Rose Jam shower gel which I go crazy for every Christmas and it's definitely my favourite Bubble Bar from Lush. It smells wonderful, you only need to use half to produce a seriously bubbly bath and it leaves you with the prettiest pink glittery water.
I have 2 fragrance favourites for November. The first is a long time favourite I cannot live without so I'm beyond happy that I have a new bottle of Jo Malone's Wood Sage & Sea Salt. I'm sure you've all sniffed this by now so you don't need to hear me harp on about how beautiful the scent is. My second favourite is another gift from Julie-Ann: Nest's Midnight Fleur perfume. I've wanted to try this for such a long time now, ever since I heard Ingrid Nilsen mention it way back in 2014 and even though it was a big risk asking for something I'd never actually smelt before I'm very happy that I did. I adore this, especially for the evening, as it's so different to any other perfume I've owned before. It's made up of a mixture of Vanilla Orchid, Amber, Jasmine, Patchouli and many other notes my nose probably can't detect. If you have a Sephora close to you then you have to pay the Nest stand a visit, for me it was love at first sniff!
More excitement from overseas! I finally own something from Tarte (thanks to Julie-Ann, again! She's like my beauty fairy godmother) and my Rainforest After Dark Eye and Cheek Palette has been a firm favourite throughout November. The bronzer (Park Avenue Princess) is the perfect shade for my skin, the blush (Unleashed) is stunning and both wear so well and blend really easily. And look at that gold eyeshadow! Granted I haven't managed to get quite as much use of it as I would have liked but I know that I'll be wearing it non-stop closer to Christmas. The rest of the shades create such a pretty purple/taupe smoky eye and the highlight shade looks amazing on my brow bone. My first impression of Tarte as a brand couldn't be I just need to figure out what to try next!
Before my birthday I had a serious lack of nude lipsticks. The majority of my lipsticks tend to lean on the pink side and I've been desperate to find something with brown undertones. My friends answered my lipstick prayers (how they knew what I was lusting after I do not know!) and now I have not one, but two gorgeous nudes to choose from.

First up is a MAC Matte lipstick I'd actually never heard of before. Yash is originally from the Middle Eastern Collection 2012 and it is a little bit darker than it appears in my photo. It seems to be a less purple version of Velvet Teddy and a deeper shade of Honeylove and even though it was originally targeted at darker skintones I really do love it! I'm not sure why I haven't heard more about it in the blogging community but it's a lovely shade and I've been reaching for this at least 2-3 times every week!

My final beauty favourite is actually my very first Chanel product - eep! The two lipsticks look very similar side by side but the finishes are drastically different. The Chanel shade is number 125, Indecise, from the Rouge Allure range and it's a sheer warm rosy beige with a frosted finish: something I'm not used to but I actually love it on this lipstick. It's really elegant and the packaging is just so so fancy. I'm definitely saving this for special occasions!

So that's it, all of beauty favourites for November! I'd love to know some of your beauty favourites in the comments below!

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