Sunday, 28 February 2016

New Skincare Additions from Embryolisse

After trying the cult favourite, Embryolisse's Lait Creme Concentrate, a few months ago (blog post here) I've been rather curious about what else this French Skincare brand has to offer. The lovely ladies at Sparkle PR were actually kind enough to send over two more Embryolisse products and I've been putting them thoroughly to the test over the past few months: so much so that I've almost used them both up completely! I was so excited when I saw Embryolisse's Micellar Lotion* arrive on my doorstep and after recently trying Garnier's Micellar Water I couldn't wait to compare the two and see if there really is a difference between drugstore and higher end Micellar Waters. The other product is the rather unusual Embryolisse Artist Secret Radiant Eye*, also known to the French as Secret de Maquilleurs, or the 'Make-up Artist's Secret',which is a Cooling Gel Stick that claims to make you look and feel wide awake instantly.

First up is the Radiant Eye Cooling Gel Stick, a product I was honestly expecting to be a bit of a gimmick at first. It claims to be the secret to achieving a bright eyed, ultra-fresh appearance and promises to reduce dark circles, puffy eyes and erase sallow skin all with just one swipe. When you apply this under the eye it leaves a lovely cooling sensation, something I really welcome after only a few hours of sleep, and for that simple reason alone I love having this in my makeup bag. As for its other claims, I can definitely see a difference in the intensity of my dark circles after I've applied this but it is quite subtle and they don't just magically disappear! The smoothing texture of the product blurs and almost illuminates the under-eye area which helps to reduce darkness and ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Sugar Derivatives help to hydrate the area and reduce the signs of fatigue. As the under-eye area is thinner and most prone to dehydration these moisturising ingredients  reduce that dry, almost wrinkled appearance that you wake up to on a morning and the massaging motion of applying the stick to the under-eye area helps stimulate blood circulation, all of which adds to that bright-eyed appearance. 

Even though the Radiant Eye stick doesn't have a dramatic effect I can't deny that it does work and it's certainly enjoyable to use. It also smooths out the under-eye area, making it the perfect primer for concealer. You can also apply this over makeup during the day to refresh the area which I haven't tried yet but if you stare at screens all day or suffer from hayfever I can imagine this would provide a welcomed relief throughout the day! 

After using my Radiant Eye Cooling Stick almost every day for 3 months now I've almost finished the product and I have to admit I've enjoyed using it a lot more than I initially expected. My early mornings are made just that little bit easier when the cooling sensation meets my eyes but I still feel like it's a little bit of a 'princess product' - I love using it but is it really necessary? At £20.50 the price makes me wince a little and without some serious form of discount I don't think I could justify purchasing it again. If it was half the price I'd definitely pick another one up but £20.50 just seems so steep for such a small tube and I'm sure a dupe must be floating around somewhere!
With Micellar Waters popping up left, right and centre it seems unlikely that you haven't heard of this form of makeup remover by now. Embryolisse's Micellar Lotion is on the pricer side at £15.99 for 250ml so I was really interested in determining what exactly makes this product so much better than its cheaper alternatives. My usual Garnier Micellar Water removes makeup really well and at only £4.99 for 400ml it's undeniably better value for money so how is Embryolisse's version different? 

Embryolisse's Micellar Lotion is very gentle on the skin and with cornflower, camomile and witch hazel it certainly has a lot more beneficial ingredients than Garnier's product. Instead of leaving my skin feeling stripped, both of makeup and hydration, I noticed that Embryolisse did leave my skin feeling softer and it was noticeably more hydrated than usual. It had a pleasant cooling sensation when applied and it left a very slight film on the skin however it wasn't sticky or irritating.  On average, I used less product with the Embryolisse Lotion and I believe this is because it removed my mascara much more easily and less rubbing was required! The product doesn't sting my eyes (unless I oversaturate my cotton pad and apply way too much) so I feel like this would really suit sensitive skin too! 

I like to reach for the Embryolisse Micellar Lotion when my skin isn't at its best. It provides a little more hydration, calms any redness in my skin and it also removes makeup effectively. But as you all probably know, Micellar Waters can be used up so quickly so I don't think I would be able to splash £15.99 every month or so on this product as it isn't that different considering the higher price tag. I'll be sticking to my cheap but cheerful Garnier Micellar Water for everyday use but I did really enjoy using the Embryolisse Micellar Lotion so if you can afford it I completely recommend it. As for me, I think I will be repurchasing another bottle to use alongside the Garnier water for those days when I'm in need of a little more care and hydration from my makeup remover. 
*This post contains a PR Sample sent for review. 


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