Tuesday, 29 March 2016

4 Instagram Accounts Worth Turning Your Notifications On For

Everyone seems to be panicking about Instagram's new upcoming algorithm. The possibility that it will now be even harder to attract likes and the fear of missing out on your favourite users photos sparked a frenzy of 'Turn Notifications On' posts on the platform yesterday. In reality, as the new algorithm works off your behaviour on the platform, the accounts you interact with the most should still appear frequently on your feed. But let's be honest here, nobody is entirely sure whether they're going to get buried by the new changes or not. The desperate plea by many to encourage their followers to receive a notification every time they upload a new photo is all well and good but our phones are already saturated by notifications without Instagram adding to the mayhem.

If you are planning on pushing the 'Turn Notifications On' button you definitely want to be very selective about who you push it for. For me, I'm limiting myself to only receiving notifications for close friends and those accounts that truly inspire me and cheer me up every day. So I thought I'd create a list of my Favourite 4 Instagram Accounts that I'm so obsessed with that even the idea of adding to the notification hell doesn't alter my love for them.

Georgia Rose Hardy probably has one of the most magical Instagram accounts I've ever seen. Not only is she an amazing photographer with editing skills that make you think you've stepped into a fairytale she's also a wonderful model with hair that could rival Rapunzel's. 
Dessert has never looked so good. Nectar & Stones's Instagram is a pastel wonderland and they create the most delicate and pretty chocolates, macarons and other treats that look way too beautiful to eat!
If you're reading this post then it's more than likely that you already follow Olivia from What Olivia Did on Instagram. But she's my favourite fashion blogger and her Instagram is definitely as dreamy as her blog. 
Mariah's make-up looks always make me want to throw away my neutral palettes and start experimenting with colour. She inspires me to be more creative and I could watch her YouTube tutorials for days on end. How she hasn't reached 200,000 subscribers on YouTube yet baffles me! Her Instagram is full of amazing close-ups and everyday shots of her makeup.

Which Instagram accounts are you currently obsessing over? I'd love to know which ones you think are worthy of turning on your notifications for!


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