Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Gemporia Spring Wishlist

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Gemporia is a company I've been hearing more and more about over the past few months, whether it's from fellow bloggers or in the press. I've always been the type of girl who loves simple and delicate jewellery and when it comes to gemstones I turn into a complete magpie. Gemporia is basically like an online treasure chest for people like me! I like to browse the site every so often and pick out a few favourites that I could spoil myself with if I'm ever feeling spendy so when Gemporia contacted me and asked if I would like to put together a Spring Wishlist for them I already had a few of the pieces featured above in mind.

Pastels are one of my favourite things about Spring and after having a closer look at my jewellery I realised brighter colours were really absent from my collection. Apart from the odd sapphire most of the gemstones were opals or diamonds so my focus for the wishlist is all about injecting some pastel shades into my collection. Gemporia had so many beautiful pieces to choose from I thought I might never find what I wanted but the feature that allows you to search by colour really helped me to put this list together and it makes searching the site so much easier! My absolute favourite piece has to be the Tanzanite Midas Ring. I can't get over how beautiful the deep lilac gemstones are and the rose gold plating makes it even prettier! With rings I tend to love it when they feature a few smaller gemstones and my other two choices are fairly similar in style to the Midas Ring and they both feature gorgeous pastel gems. Each ring is under £50 too which really surprised me. I think they all look so much more expensive than they actually are. 

As I already have a few silver and gold necklace chains I decided to take a look at pendants instead which is something I'd never really thought about doing until now. The site had some amazing designs but I managed to whittle it down to 2 that were both under £100. My favourite, and sadly the most expensive at £71.99, is the Bi-Colour Tanzanite & White Zircon Pendant (I must have a thing for Tanzanite!) I fell in love with the almost ombre effect in the gemstone and I really like how the three white zircons help the pendant take on a teardrop shape. I think I might have preferred the metal to be silver but I think it looks lovely either way!

Have any of you shopped on Gemporia before?
I'd love to know which item on my Spring Wishlist is your favourite!
* This post was written in collaboration with Gemporia.

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