Thursday, 10 March 2016

My IPL Laser Experience with Bellissima Exclusive | 1 Session to Go

For those of you who are fairly new to my blog, you might be unaware that I've been receiving IPL Laser Hair Removal on my lower legs for quite some time now. With my 6th and final session booked  in for this Saturday I thought it was about time that I wrote a little update for you all to document the results I've been noticing throughout my treatment. If you're interested in learning about how laser hair removal is carried out, what I personally think of the pain and how to care for the area after treatment I really recommend you read my original post which I wrote after my first treatment.

For my laser hair removal I visit the ladies at Bellissima Exclusive, a professional salon in Guiseley (a 15 minute train journey away from my University town Leeds). They were kind enough to invite me to their relaunch last summer and were ridiculously generous and offered me a free treatment course of my choice after I attended. As I mentioned in my previous post, I've always struggled with stubborn, thick dark hair and I had dreamt about having Laser Hair Removal for years but it wasn't quite possible on my student budget. The lovely Emily carried out the majority of my treatments but all of the girls at the salon are wonderful. If you're from Leeds area I can't recommend them enough! They make you feel so comfortable which is so important, especially if you're a little nervous for your treatment like I was. Bellissima Exclusive are really great with social media and content creation so before I carry on with my post I thought I'd share their video on IPL Laser Hair Removal FAQs to help you all understand the process a little better. And my legs actually make a little cameo at 0:23!

My Results
After my first session I noted that certain areas, such as the area around my ankles and along the sides of my legs, seemed to be more stubborn than others and they have remained the most difficult to remove throughout my treatment. Amazingly, after my first session I already had a couple of patches on my legs where my hair didn't grow back at all and I noticed after my second and third sessions that the hairless areas had expanded vastly. Almost the entire front and back of my legs were hairless for weeks on end and when some hairs eventually did decide to grow they were sparse and very thin which is a huge difference from the thick, irritating hair that used to grow back overnight! As I continued with my treatments we focused on the more stubborn areas of my lower leg and I can now happily say that after my fifth session very little hair seems to be growing back there and the growth rate of my lower legs overall is drastically slower. After my sixth treatment I'm hoping the pesky hairs will be gone for good but I am considering paying for another 2 or 3 sessions so I can have the absolute best results. Usually, 6-12 sessions are recommended depending on your hair type and the area that is being treated and as the legs are one of the hairiest areas of the body it's expected that they might require a little bit more attention.
Another positive but unexpected result from my laser treatment has been the reduction of ingrown hairs and an overall clearer appearance of the skin on my legs. The decrease in hair growth has reduced the irritation on my lower legs and they look much smoother too!

The second and third sessions were still a little uncomfortable, mainly in areas closest to any bones, but the pain wasn't by any means unbearable. Pain is always a personal thing but I find Laser Hair Removal much more pleasant than using an epilator. Due to the reduction is hair growth, the fourth and fifth sessions were a lot less painful and as I know exactly what to expect I'm no longer nervous for my treatment either.

Having Laser Hair Removal is one of the best beauty decisions I've ever made and I'm certain I'll be getting other areas treated some time in the future. I'm beyond excited for a worry free summer this year and knowing I won't have to bother with pesky leg hair is such a relief. If you're interested in prices, you can find Bellissima Exclusive's list here, which I'm sure will give you an idea of how much treatments will be in your local salon.

Have any of you had IPL Laser Hair Removal? How successful has it been for you?

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